13 Apr children sleep

I stumbled across this link recently and since then I regularly go back to it, just some of the photos are so powerful. I do like such projects- collections documenting circumstances and habits of people around the world because i do get to see worlds and realities I will, most probably, never make it to. Of course, I do realize these photos are not in no case representative samples (for the lack of a better phrase), but I see no reason why this should diminish their importance. Anyways, looking at these photos, one cannot help but be happy for some children- they simply have so much! I was not deprived from belongings in my childhood but there was not an excessive abundance of them around-just enough. At the same time, it’s difficult to look at some of the images and not have your heart broken! No, this does not make me grateful for what I have or for what i had while I was growing up. It makes me feel guilty for it. It makes me feel bad as a human. And I do not like myself for wrapping it all in cliches and sounding all maudlin. But I guess some healthy self-criticism never hurt anybody.

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