There are humans not just from New York you know!

19 May

Many of you are probably familiar with the popular Humans of New York page on facebook, instagram or wherever you follow it. I myself check it often as I am usually drawn by the diversity of human faces and most of all-stories behind the photos. Similar such pages have started popping up from other cities as well. I, in particular, also follow the Humans of Amsterdam since it’s been my home for good 4 years now.

Today I decided to share a few maybe less popular such pages that come from different countries in the Caribbean. I, myself, have always been fond of travelling and of the mystery of far and away lands. And one thing that always has stroke me when meeting people from some exotic countries, is despite all the differences, the basic drives, basic fears, hopes, and dreams what we all have are so much alike. So, I don’t know what is that makes such pages popular- the novelty element in the human story there, or the fact that most of us can relate to many of those people. Either way, this is an efficient way to get a glimpse of people without having to/being able to travel there. If you are interested, check out the following pages I encountered on facebook.

1) Humans of Aruba

2) Humans of Barbados   

3) Humans of St. Croix

4) Humans of Haiti 

5) Humans of Georgetown Guyana  

6) Humans of the Bahamas

7) Humans of Bermuda





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