07 Jul

I have always been fascinated by boxing, and I have always had a great deal of respect for the toughness and perseverance of people doing martial arts. Back in my hometown in Bulgaria, I did not really have the chance to train boxing, it was simply not something that girls did (and perhaps do). And despite all my pleas and nagging, my father did not succumb into putting up a boxing bag somewhere in the house, so that I could channel all my frustrations out (and oh God, were there many!). So I was very thrilled as I moved to the Netherlands, and life became more stressful and hectic than I could stand, to happen to live just next to a sport center, where you could do all types of sports, and many kinds of martial arts, some that I had never heard of before. And the trainings were very beginner-friendly, very demanding and not discriminating based on gender. So I gave it a try, and not some years later, am still trying my best to stick with it. And I am, and especially a few years ago- was definitely not the sporty type of a person. During physical education classes in high school (which were beyond dull!), I was running away form the ball when we played basketball or volleyball, instead of trying to hit it.

And it does not help that I look very harmless, I am small relative to the average in this country, and I guess my pink gear and red gloves do not make it any better. But somehow, among my crazy schedule, where I live in one city and work in another, have a second job, which can be quite unpredictable sometimes, and am preparing myself for a marathon, I do manage to steal some time and go to an occasional training–once a week, or couple of times during the good weeks. And there is simply no better therapy, no better way to channel your frustrations, to forget your problems and forgive the world for being the way that it is than by boxing. And I could not agree more with all the points made in the link below (which I will restrain from repeating). Of course, I do not have the illusion that I belong anywhere in the category of these people, simple because I lack their dedication, but I could not agree more with the message it is conveying. And somehow, amid all the multitasking, there is a tough part of me that does not mind the punching, and a more disciplined and persistent part of me that made me stick to it despite the lack of superb skill. I am pretty sure I must have looked ridiculous at the beginning. And I, at best, look only marginally less hilarious now but somehow, this does not matter when you are giving something your best. And I don’t know whether boxing developed certain traits in my personality, or it simply matched them as they were already there, but somehow me and boxing fit very well. And sometimes, those few hours per week when I go to punch and be punched, are the most liberating few hours of that week. And I know I walk a happier person after every single training.

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