Daydreaming of one of the last unspoiled paradises

23 Sep

As I was in a need of a much deserved break from work, I came across the name of an island I had never heard before — Palmerston. It is a coral atoll from the Cook Islands, according to the article in the Wikipedia page, and is located what is seems to be at the end of the world.

Apparently, reaching the island is quite a challenge as it is situated some 500km northwest of Rarotonga. And everything about it seems to be magic. There is no money, no war, no fights, no problems in the way we are used to think about problems. Or to quote one resident (the population is less than 70 people), interviewed by the BBC, “Nothing goes wrong in Palmerston”.

If you go to their official website, you almost wish you could transport there immediately. Hospitality taken to the extreme, and “people matter more than time and things”. So just sunny, white beaches, coconut trees, few and very friendly faces, colorful fish and birds, and absolute freedom. Isn’t that the dream? If only getting there was easier. Then again, if it was easier, perhaps it would have been less special. And check the photos on the website to gain a better idea of the reclusive, peaceful and at the same time — absolutely out-of-this-world charm and spirit of the place.

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