How I plan to crack the secret to happiness

24 Jul

I’ve posted before that I am somewhat of a long-distance runner. Recently I got new running shoes and tonight I was testing them on a long run when something did not feel right. I mean besides the fact that the decreased intensity of my recent trainings has made these long runs more of a torture. Simply, there are those periods in your life when you cannot help but feel like Raj in the Big Bang Theory in this segment below:

Pretty much you have the feeling that NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS!!!

As I have tackled some happiness research on my own, I have done the 100 days of happiness challenge, and recently have immersed myself into the exciting field of data science, I decided to use my knowledge of social and data science and try to track what really makes me happy. Of course, we all have an underlying idea about how to keep our spirits up — building and nurturing social support networks, have security in your job, in your personal life, etc etc. I am aware of how to raise my spirits in the short run but maybe there is some underlying pattern that really affects me and I have not realised. Or maybe I will get a fresh perspective on how much different aspects of my life matter.

So I plan to collect daily data (or perhaps record twice a day) of how I feel emotionally, how I feel physically and all the little dirty nitty-gritty details that might seem superficial to me but perhaps affect me more than I would like. And those doing science perhaps are already dismissing that it is not possible to quantify happiness..well, perhaps it is not entirely possible to compare my 9 to your 7 on the 10-point scale with great precision, I can surely compare my 6 to my 7. And I am writing a post about it because it would be like my commitment device — its much harder not to do something after you said/wrote in the open that you would do it. Even if it concerns only yourself and no one else cares. After all, we all are working towards the same means, whether you like to admit it or not. So I will get back to you with all the details in a couple of months.

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