Bio: No special talents, just passionately and fashionably curious! I blog about what I can no longer keep to myself, and I write about my experiences and reactions to them. Everything from travel, sports and books, to social issues, trends and findings. I myself am a Bulgarian expat living in Amsterdam for more than 5 years now, mostly very happy and accustomed to my new home, and at times questioning where and what home is, craving for some neverland. I try to keep up with my regular job being a data scientist, my soon to be past academic research and my freelance editing while maintaining my passion for books and sports. I am a regular runner (did a marathon) and enjoy the mental release that comes with my boxing trainings. Besides books, sports, travel and expat life, I am interested in various social phenomena -- be it trends in happiness, inequality across nations or within a nation, and different determinants of behavior. In my research, I explored why some people turn the way that they are and what experiences and factors shaped them to be in this particular way, why they make the choices that they make and what this tells us overall about the general well-being of humanity. But above all, I am fascinated by numbers and data, which is what I am making my living from these days. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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